I’m LinTO
Just say "Hey LinTO"

Man working on desk Man talking to LinTo Man talking to LinTo Man talking to LinTo

Hello LinTO !
Tell me about my day

Here's what you have today.
• 10:30 Appointment with David
• 1:00 Team meeting
• 4:30 Sync with Paul
Video conference is starting.
Do you want to share your screen ?

Yes, thanks. Can you record the meeting
and prepare a resume at the end ?

OK with pleasure. I’ll prepare it
and send it to all attendees ✔

LinTO !
What's on my to-do list?

• Reminder to call to David
• Take documents about OpenPaaS
• Buy bread for the dinner

LinTO !
What time do I need to leave home tomorrow morning ?

Your 1st meeting takes place at your office.
You must leave home at 8:30 am.
Morning Meeting Outside Office Evening

LinTO is an open source smart assistant

LinTO is a perfect personal assistant, always ready to answer you and carry out your commands.
LinTO is intelligent: the more you use LinTO, the more he will impress you.

LinTO will help you save time and effort to enjoy a better life !

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Privacy by design
Open by Design
Open by Design
Ethic by Design
Ethic by Design

Open ecosystem of connected meeting

LinTO in corporate meeting room

News & Events

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January 9, 2018 - January 12, 2018

LinTO at CES Las Vegas : French Corner, Stand 50824

LinTO's press release (PDF - 242ko)


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