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January 8-12, 2019

LinTO at CES Las Vegas, USA

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LinTO is an open source smart vocal assistant

LinTO is a perfect productivity assistant for your business, always ready to answer you and carry out your commands.
LinTO helps you save time and effort to enjoy a better life !

Privacy by design
  • Security and privacy are our priority : LinTO backend servers are On Premise solutions.
Open by design
  • All source code is available, it’s free and it will ever be.
  • LinTO is smart, he knows your uses cases and is trained with business-wise and technical lexicals.
Ethical by design
  • LinTO do not collect or share your private datas, once again let’s make this clear : Your data never leaves your information systems and stays yours.
Man working on desk Man talking to LinTo Man talking to LinTo

turn off the light and start the projector.

Alrigth !

raise the temperature by 3 degrees.

OK, temperature will raise by 3 degrees. It’s 11:00 am, the meeting is starting.

LinTO. Prepare the minutes of the meeting.

OK fine. I’ll prepare it and send it to all attendees.

connect Jack to the videoconference

Ok, I’m calling Jack

mute the microphones

Privacy mode activated,
wake me on the touch screen when ready to resume.
Appliances control Meeting Videoconference
Watch the video

State of the art AI for the Open Source community

LinTO contributes to AI in the fields of speech processing and leverages Automatic Speech Recognition systems using deep learning pipelines.

Open Hardware

Linto is also an open-hardware device. As the product developpment goes on, we will publish here any datasheets and mecanical design files.

The linTO developpment kit is in the shape of a Generic evaluation board and is intended to become a strong eligible bootstrap kit for the LinTO product, of course, but also for other usages like :

  • Hobbyist personnal assistant builds (Makers !)
  • Smart Speaker manufacturers (Industrial bootstrap)
  • Home theatre computers
  • Phoning Hardware in call centers...

It's meant to be extendable and hackable for your needs. We would be glad if you derivate your own product based on our technology. The electronic card and every conception datasheets would get shared as an Open Hardware product. You might extend it as much as needed.

What's new and disruptive in LINAGORA's approach is that we base our electronic design on OPEN HARDWARE, and also, and more disruptive, the generic evaluation board is 100% compatible with Raspberry Pi as we want to federate the existing makers and open sources initiatives in the field of personal assistants or smart speakers.

Linto faces

Open Software

We want to help building a strong community based on natural voice Human to Machine interaction and that’s why all our software implementations and data-science works are fully open-sourced.
Voice Activity Detection Computing MFCCs voice recognition features on ARM systems
Voice Activity Detection Voice Activity Detection for Voice User Interface
LinTO experience Open IA et éthique numérique: LinTo experience
"Grand défis du numérique"

LinTO is now on GitHub

You can take a look at the different services we are working on, it is open source !
Look at how the project and features evolve by joining us on github.

github logo View the source code on GitHub

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