Your open source end-to-end platform for voice-operated solutions

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Voice control

Your end-customer pilots their applications without lifting a finger

Large vocabulary

Live retraining of AI models with business-wise dictionaries

Easy integration

Integrates seamlessly in your workflows

Increase productivity

Boost employee productivity with hands-free natural user interfaces

Automated skills deployment

Easy management of new vocabulary and skills

Open source by design

Free, on premise, GDPR compliant, and no GAFAM aboard!

How does it work ?

Voice enabled client

  • Custom HotWords to wake up your LinTO client
  • Meeting mode with spontaneous multi-party speech
  • Simple voice commands or large vocabulary integration


The natural voice interface for your company

LinTO will enable you to deploy voice control effectively and efficiently.
Let’s explore platform features for your business:

Enterprise solutions

At the heart of your meeting room

Hands-free processes for better productivity

Vocal control anywhere in your office

The open source framework that propels business-aware, private by design, smart-assistants

Developer? Try it yourself!

Take a look at the LinTO platform documentation and technical resources.
Browse existing skills, imagine your own, and contribute!

Developer resources

LinTO for Raspberry pi

The LinTO for Raspberry Pi client, when paired with your LinTO voice platform, is the only 100% open source, 100% private, DIY smart assistant.

raspberry pi 3 schema

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